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West, Benjamin S.

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise: Literature & Composition

Program/Courses Taught: ENGL 100: Freshman Composition LITR 100: Introduction to Literature LITR 110: Introduction to Fiction LITR 310: Great Writers–Cormac McCarthy HONR 350: Special Topics–The Crowd & The Individual


Books: Challenging Progress: Mob Violence and Punishing Identities. McFarland Press. Peer reviewed. Spring, 2013.

Articles: “The Work of Redburn: Melville’s Critique of Capitalism.” The Midwest Quarterly: A Journal of Contemporary Thought 52.2 (2011): 165-181. “Reconfiguring Cather and Settling The Professor’s House: Reading The Professor’s House as a Modernist Text.” Teaching Cather 7.2 (2007): 17-22. “The Mechanized Metropolis and Septimus Smith’s Suicide in Mrs. Dalloway.” In-Between: Essays and Studies in Literary Criticism 15.1 (2006): 33-42.