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Santos, Dana Reiff

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise: My area of expertise is molecular anthropology, especially malaria in Pacific populations. I study how humans, mosquitoes and parasites interact to transmit malaria as well as the human genetic response to malaria. I have also done research on neurodegenerative disorders in the Pacific. I am currently studying tick borne diseases in New York state.

Program/Courses Taught:

  • General Biology 1 (BIOL 130)
  • General Biology 2 (BIOL 135)
  • Genetics (BIOL 240 and BIOL 340)
  • Special Topics in Biology: Medical Genetics (BIOL 350)
  • Human Origins (ANTH 110)

About Me: I received my Bachelors degree from Lehigh University with a double major in Biology and Anthropology and a minor in Computer Science. I then moved onto graduate school at Binghamton University where I received my MA in Biological Anthropology, MS in Biomedical Anthropology, PhD in Biological Anthropology, and Certificate in Evolutionary Studies. I came to Delhi in 2011 because I love teaching science to undergraduates!


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