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Mansfield, Amie

Adjunct Instructor, School of Nursing

Areas of Expertise: Statistics, Quantitative Research Methods, Psychometrics, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Survey/Scale Construction

Program/Courses Taught:

BSN: ALHT 202 (Statistics and Research Methods); Data analysis for course evaluations

MSN: NURS 501 Quantitative Methods and Statistics

About Me:

  • American Psychological Association, SIOP, 2009-present
  • American Educational Research Association, 1994-present
  • Psychometric Society, 2007-present
  • National Council on Measurement in Education, 2007-present
  • Proposal Reviewer, National Science Foundation’s SBIR grant program, 2000-2002
  • Peer Reviewer, International Journal of Science Education, 2003-2005
  • Peer Reviewer, Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment, 2003-2004
  • Peer Reviewer, Journal of Applied Psychological Measurement, 2004

Urhahne, D., Schanze, S., Bell, T., Mansfield, A., Holmes, J. (2010). The Role of the teacher in computer-supported collaborative inquiry learning. International Journal of Science Education.

Zucker, A.A., Tinker, R., Staudt, C., Mansfield, A., & Metcalf, S. (2008). Learning science in grades 3-8 using probeware and computers: findings from the TEEMSS II project, Journal of Science Education and Technology, 17(1), pp. 1059-0145.

Goldberg (Mansfield), A.L., Russell, M.K. & O’Connor, K. (2004). Teachers’ beliefs by school level about access, use, support, and obstacles of using technology in the classroom. Chestnut Hill, MA: Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative.

Russell, M.K., Goldberg (Mansfield), A.L. & O’Connor, K. (2003). Computer-based testing and validity: A Look back into the future. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy, and Practice, 10(3), pp. 279-93.
Available online:

Goldberg (Mansfield), A.L., Russell, M. K., & Cook, A. (2003). The Effect of computers on student writing: A Meta-analysis of studies from 1992-2002. Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment, 2(2). Available online:

Goldberg (Mansfield), A.L. & Pedulla, J.J. (2002). Performance differences according to test mode and computer familiarity on a practice GRE Test. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 62(6), pp. 1053-67.